Fuel college athletes easier and
faster with hundreds of options.

The modern meal solution

Onboard your team in a day and get instant access to hundreds of restaurants nationwide. Choose where athletes eat, and only pay for what is spent.

Join Pepper. 

Pepper is free to download and free to use. No hidden fees or extra costs. We’re here to make your life easier.

It’s easy

Athletes checkout like usual, with a cashier or using self-checkout. All the same!

There’s variety

Grab food, cook at home, get it delivered. There’s something for everyone.

We’re fast

Once funds are issued, athletes can spend their money immediately.

You save

Universities save an average of 33% over catered options and meal plans.

Nutritious options and college favorites

There’s no special equipment or in-store set up required. Use Pepper at our partners nationwide, making travel meals a breeze.

Pepper gives universities complete control.

Issue meal or snack funds in seconds. Choose the places athletes can spend their credit. Track when and where funds are spent.

Issue funds

Issue meal and snacks funds as needed or schedule weekly credits.

Track spend

See which athletes have
used their credit and where.

Nutritional guidance

Provide healthy options & nutritional education through the Pepper app.


Manage funds on the road with our mobile friendly dashboard.

Pepper fuels student athletes nationwide.

We focus on food so you can keep your head in the game.