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About Pepper

What is Pepper?

Pepper is a universal rewards app accepted at hundreds of retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Home Depot and more. Pepper is free to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and free to use- no hidden fees or extra costs. We’re here to make your life easier!

Why was Pepper created?

In a fast-paced world, saving is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. That’s why Pepper was created- to give everyone the opportunity to explore a world of savings, rewards, and perks like never before.

What are the benefits of Pepper?

Paying, earning points, and using those points towards future purchases (all that helps you maximize savings) is what we’re all about!

Is Pepper a rewards app?

At Pepper, we’re not just a savings and rewards app; we’re a dynamic platform that transforms the way you shop, without the extra effort!

How does Pepper work with contactless payment?

With Pepper, your phone becomes your personal payment hub. Simply link your preferred payment method, and you’re ready to embark on a new era of smooth, efficient transactions. No more digging for cash or fumbling with cards—Pepper simplifies the payment process for a swift and hassle-free checkout.

Can I use Pepper in store and online?

Absolutely! Pepper Rewards is designed to be versatile. You can enjoy the benefits both in-store and when shopping online. Start earning rewards everywhere you shop, whether you’re in the store or on the couch.

Why should I use Pepper?

We want our shoppers save more money and earn real rewards while doing so! With a seamless blend of instant rewards, generous cash back, enticing bonus offers, Pepper is not just an app – it’s your key to a smarter, more rewarding lifestyle.

What countries is Pepper available in?

Currently, Pepper is only available to use in the United States.

Where is Pepper located?

We have offices located in New York City, Miami, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

Where can I download Pepper?

You can download Pepper on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or by scanning the QR code on the website homepage.

Is Pepper safe to use?

Pepper is 100% safe to use. We take protecting your data seriously. Pepper uses Stripe, the world’s leading payment processor, to encrypt and secure your information.

Where can I use Pepper?

All your favorite places are here, but we’re always adding more. Use Pepper in-store and online at places like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Lowe’s and more.

What is Pepper’s mission?

Our mission is to help shoppers save more money and earn real rewards while doing so.

Can I find Pepper on social media?

Yes! Stay connected with Pepper on these socials, and keep an eye out for exclusive giveaways!

Paying with Pepper

How do I pay with Pepper?

In the Pepper app, tap the logo for the store you’re at. Then tell the cashier you’d like them to charge your Pepper account. They’ll confirm your name and ring you up. Our system automatically applies any credits and then charges the balance (if any) to the credit or debit card that’s linked to your Pepper account. There are never any fees or surcharges when you use Pepper.

What happens if there’s a charge I didn’t authorize?

That shouldn’t happen, but we’ve got you covered if it does. Just let us know and we’ll remove the charge. Simple as that. Reach out!

What form of payment do I have to link to my Pepper account?

Upon sign-up, you must add a debit or credit card so that you can pay with the app at your favorite stores.

Can I save more than one card to my account?

Yes! You can save multiple cards in your account, and replace them at any time if they expire!

Earning Points

How do I get points?

When you pay with Pepper you immediately earn points. You get 1 point for every $5 you spend.

Do all purchases qualify for earning points, or are there exclusions?

When you pay with Pepper, all of your purchases qualify for earning points.

How quickly do earned points reflect in my account after a purchase?

They appear immediately in your Points balance on the Account page after purchase. You’ll also get an email that will tell you how much you’ve earned!

How can I track my spending and earned points?

Track your spending by tapping “Account” and navigate to your transactions to see what you have paid for with Pepper. To track your points simply check the yellow box on the Account page to view your current balancce of earned points.

How much can I save with my points?

You can save hundreds of dollars a year, or more! Plus, there’s no hidden fees or extra costs.

Bonuses & Missions

What are Missions and bonus offers?

Missions and bonus offers are typically specific tasks or actions that you can complete to earn additional rewards or bonuses. These tasks include actions like spending a certain amount, referring friends, engaging with specific features of the Pepper app, or participating in limited-time promotions. They are designed to offer you extra incentives beyond regular rewards! Cha-ching!

How do I access missions and bonus offers?

Access missions by simply following the rules of the mission (i.e. Spend $50 at Amazon this week, earn 2x Pepper Points)

Can I track my progress in ongoing missions?

Right now, you cannot track your progress on missions you start.

How often are new missions and bonus offers added to the platform?

Missions are available every week. Bonus offers happen often.

Can I participate in multiple missions or bonus offers simultaneously?


Can I transfer or share my earned bonuses with others?

No, not yet!

How can I report issues related to missions and bonus offers?

For further assistance, please reach out to


What types of deals are available in the Pepper app?

Deals revolve around points based earnings on various merchants each week ranging from 5% – 10% back in points.

How do I find the latest deals on the platform?

You can find the latest deals by finding a $ symbol on a merchant tile. Also – make sure you have our in-app notifications turned on and are following us to hear about the latest deals you can take advantage of!

Am I able to stack merchant deals on top of Pepper deals?


I have a rewards account for some merchants that Pepper has. Am I able to stack their deals with Pepper’s cashback?


Are there specific time frames for deals, or are they available at all times?

Merchant deals that we call out in the app are only available for a limited time. Make sure to act fast before they expire.

What happens if a deal is expired or no longer available?

If a deal is expired or no longer available, it will not be visible on the app or in our communications.

How frequently are new deals added to the platform?

Deals are always added to Pepper – from retailers, to restaurants and everything inbetween!

Can I return or exchange items purchased with a deal?

Yes, you can return or exchange items that are purchased with a deal. If you choose to return items, you will be refunded with the same amount that you paid for to your desired method of payment.

How do I report issues or discrepancies with a deal?

For further assistance, please reach out to

Redeeming Points

How do I redeem my points in the app?

Redeeming your points is a breeze. Once you’ve earned a sufficient amount from paying in the app on your shopping trips, you can apply your points at payment all within the app, by tapping the plus button to trade your points for cash.

Are there any restrictions on when I can redeem my points?

No! Redeem at any time, before you make a purchase, or whenever!

How long does it take for my redeemed rewards to be processed?

It’s an instant transfer to redeem your Points to cash that you can use on stores you love.

I mistakenly redeemed too many points. How can I fix this?

For further assistance, please reach out to

Refer a Friend

Do you have a referral program?

We do!! Don’t keep us a secret! Have your friends sign up with your referral code that’s located in the Pepper app. Then you’ll get $20 free on your Pepper account when they make a qualifying purchase totaling $100 within 15 days of signup using Pepper. Your friends will also get $20 free for signing up with your referral code. For a limited time your friends will get 2 x Points for every purchase they make in the first 15 days of sign up! If you have more questions or need assistance with the Referral Program, please review our Pepper Refer A Friend Program Terms & Conditions or please contact our customer support team directly within the Pepper app or email

Where can I find my referral code?

You can find your referral code within the app on the ‘Account’ tab at the top of your screen.

How many people can I refer?

Currently, you can refer an unlimited number friends. So get started today!!!

What happens if my friends join Pepper but don’t complete my referral?

It counts as a referral if you send them your code and they sign-up. Remind them that they can save with Pepper on their everyday shopping! Please refer to our Pepper Refer A Friend Program Terms & Conditions.

When do I receive my bonus?

Generally, you’ll receive your referral bonus within 30 days of your referral’s qualifying purchase. Qualifying purchases must be made within 90 days of referee sign up.

How do I send friends my referral?

Tap ‘Account’, and you will see your referral code. Tap ‘share’ and your phone will then provide different ways to share your referral. Tap ‘messages’ and type in your friend’s name!

Is there a way to track my referrals to see if they are completed?

Yes! You can track to see if your friends have completed the referral process. Make sure your app is updated first! After you open the app, go to your profile, tap your personal 6-digit referral code, and tap “invite status” to see who has, or has not, created an account, made a purchase, and successfully completed the referral!

I was referred to join Pepper. How do I use my friend’s referral code?

Woohoo! Click on the link that your friend sent you. Then you’ll be directed to download the app and sign-up! It takes less than 2 minutes!

If I send my friend a referral code and they never use it or they never reach spending $100, does it still count as a referral?

No, unfortunately all referals need to make qualified purchases within the specified time for you and them to earn your bonus.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Refer A Friend Program?

Effective Date: 1/1/2024

These terms (the “Refer-A-Friend”) govern your participation in the Pepper Refer-A-Friend Program described on the FAQ Referral Site (“Refer-A-Friend”). Moocho, Inc. dba Pepper, Pepper Rewards (“Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) offers this program to our members who seek to qualify for bonuses by referring friends and/or family to sign up and shop through our digital media assets including, Pepper Rewards App, Pepper Browser Extension. By participating, you agree to these Refer-A-Friend Program Terms, which are in addition to any agreements between you and Company, including Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1. General

This Refer-A-Friend Program is open only to members residing in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, or Canada. These Refer-A-Friend Program Terms supplement other agreements with Company and apply to your participation in the Refer-A-Friend Program. If you reside out side this area and our interested in participating in our “Refer-A-Friend” Program please contact customer success at

2. Qualified Referrals

A “Qualified Referral” is a Referee who must:

– Be a natural person residing in and located in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, or Canada. If you are outside this area and wish to participate in the program please contact<
– Be a new member to and associated digital media assets.
– Sign up using a Referrer’s custom referral link, Referral ID or other provided method for proper tracking.
– Make purchase(s) earning Cash Back through, Pepper Rewards App, Pepper Browser Extension (“Qualifying Purchase”) within ninety (90) days from sign-up.
– Consent to and comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
– Be the individual paying for the Qualifying Purchase.

3. Refer-A-Friend Program Bonuses
3.1. Referral Bonus

Referrers may qualify for Referral Bonus(es) as per Referral Bonus Terms available on the FAQ Referral Site, which are incorporated herein by reference.

3.2. Referral Sign Up Bonus

Referees may qualify for a Referral Sign Up Bonus per Referral Sign Up Bonus Terms available on the FAQ Referral Site. One Referral Sign Up Bonus per eligible new member. These terms are incorporated herein by reference.

4. Influencers
4.1. Qualification

Referrers obtaining at least fifteen (15) Qualified Referrals in a single calendar quarter will be designated as “Influencers” eligible for certain benefits described in Section 4.2.

4.2. Benefits

Influencers may receive newsletters about upcoming promotions and special offers for additional bonuses (“Benefits”). These Benefits are non-transferable and do not create enforceable rights or privileges against Us.

5. Sponsored Influencers

“Sponsored Influencers” promote Our promotions and the Refer-A-Friend Program on their social platforms for cash or other rewards. Application to become a Sponsored Influencer is subject to Our sole discretion.

6. Representations

By participating, (i) Referrers represent they have a personal relationship with Referees or necessary consents to submit their information; and (ii) Referrers/Referees will comply with all Company policies, terms, and applicable laws.

7. Restrictions

The subsequent enumeration presents a non-exhaustive catalogue of activities expressly prohibited, rendering Referrers and Referees ineligible for the accrual of Refer-A-Friend Program Bonuses through the Refer-A-Friend Program:

  1. Self-referral;
  2. Execution of purchases on behalf of another individual or under a Pepper account not owned by the referring party;
  3. Creation of spurious accounts, blogs, web pages, profiles, websites, links, or messages;
  4. Engagement in bulk email distribution, submission, or dissemination to unfamiliar parties, or any promotional activities that may be construed as unsolicited commercial email or “spam.” For elucidation, this proscription shall not preclude Sponsored Influencers from advocating the Refer-A-Friend Program to followers who have not expressly opted out of receiving communications from said Sponsored Influencer;
  5. Placement of the referral link on any page not owned and controlled by the Referrer, encompassing, though not limited to, merchant pages, Facebook, or forum pages;
  6. Bidding on keywords containing “GoPepper” or “Pepper Rewards,” or “Pepper” common misspellings thereof, including, but not limited to,;
  7. Inclusion of Our logos or reference to Our trademarks or tradenames in any ad text, extensions, or banner ads;
  8. Engaging in paid advertising with the primary intent of generating traffic directly to the referral link;
  9. Dissemination of misleading information or attempts to mislead any individual in connection with the Refer-A-Friend Program, including, but not limited to, misrepresentation of the relationship with the Company or posing as an official representative of the Company;
  10. Accessing the Refer-A-Friend Program using any means other than a commercial browser (such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) or mobile applications developed and operated by the Company; and
  11. Undertaking any action or generating content that is disparaging or defamatory towards the Company.

Creation of multiple accounts sharing identical names, addresses, email addresses, or other identifying features may prompt flagging as fraudulent referrals.

8. Reservation of Rights

We retain the authority to withhold, refuse, or annul any Refer-A-Friend Program Bonuses and/or cease your account if, at the Company’s sole discretion, any Refer-A-Friend Program Bonus is deemed fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious, or otherwise in conflict with these Refer-A-Friend Program Terms, the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or any other pertinent law or regulation. Our decisions are final.

9. Termination and Interpretation

We may suspend/terminate the Refer-A-Friend Program or change these Terms at any time and for any reason in Our sole discretion, with or without notice. Interpretations of these Terms will be at Our sole discretion, and Our decisions are final.

For questions or concerns, contact us at


How do I sign up for Pepper?

After downloading the app, click ‘Sign Up’, then you enter First and Last name. Then your email address. and create a password. and click continue. You’ll be directed to a page to enter in your Zip code to maximize points and access local retailers. Enter your phone number to secure your account with text verification. Input the 6-digit code that you will automatically receive after inputting your phone number. Add your credit card information, and then you’re on your way to start saving and earing rewards!

What if I forgot my password?

Don’t sweat it! At the login screen, click ‘Login’, click ‘Forgot Password’ and enter the email linked to your Pepper account. We will text you a code to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Follow the ‘forgot your password’ steps: At the login screen, click ‘Login’, click ‘Forgot Password’ and enter the email linked to your Pepper account. We will text you a code to reset your password.

Does Pepper have 2FA?

Yes, when you put in your credentials to log in, your phone number will be sent a code to complete the 2FA process for extra security measures.

Am I able to call support?

You can reach us 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm EST at 888.416.6161. for general questions:

Am I able to contact support via email?

For questions: or For media inqueries:

How do I change my email that’s linked to Pepper?

For further assistance, please reach out to

How do I change my phone number that’s linked to Pepper?

In the app, go to ‘Account’, ‘My Details,’ then select the pencil that is next to your phone number. Remember to press the green check mark button to save your changes!

How do I fix a spelling error in my name on my account?

For further assistance, please reach out to

How can I get notifications from Pepper?

You totally can! Enabling app notifications can vary depending on your device and the specific app you’re using. Here are general steps you can follow for both Android and iOS devices: Android:
Open Settings:

Navigate to your device’s settings.
Apps or Application Manager:

Look for the “Apps” or “Application Manager” option.
Select the App:

Find and select the app for which you want to enable notifications.
App Notifications:

Look for an option related to “Notifications” within the app settings.
Enable Notifications:

Toggle the switch to enable notifications for the app.
iOS (iPhone/iPad):
Open Settings:

Go to your device’s settings.
Scroll to Find the App:

Scroll down and find the specific app you want to enable notifications for.
Notifications Settings:

Tap on the app to access its settings.
Enable Allow Notifications:

Toggle the switch next to “Allow Notifications” to enable notifications for the app.

In some cases, app notifications can also be managed directly within the app. Look for a “Notifications” or “Settings” section within the app itself.

The steps might slightly differ depending on your device’s model and operating system version.